Storage Spaces Vanish in San Bernardino County, California

Just when you thought it is safe to store your RV in San Bernardino County, moves in and buys out a RV that is large facility operated in Mission Viejo, Ca, displacing hundreds of stored RV’s. These dislodged RV owners are turning towards Monstore Garages for the stability that owned Garage Condominiums offer.

This is the second time this type of bombshell has hit RV owners in San Bernardino County. The first being a eviction out of over 2,200 RV’s resulting from the closure of the EL Toro Marine Base in San Bernardino County in October 2015. This latest closure brings the total RV storage space space loss to over 2700 areas, with zero replacement spaces being developed due to the very higher cost of land in San Bernardino County.

Monstore Garages, the most Garage Condominium development in Palm Springs, California (which sells enclosed RV and car storage spaces to RV and car collectors), is one of the benefactors of the demise that is recent of RV storage.

Dave Gandolfo, its developer said, “Even though the closures tend to be unfortunate, people that have purchased their storage space are in a position that is good not only control their costs, but to in fact benefit from the recent closures.” He proceeded, “holders are realizing increased values of his or her garage condominiums resulting from the extraordinary demand from the recent closures and high storage costs.”

Ted Deits, the Developer of Eucalyptus at Beaumont, another Garage Condominium facility in Beaumont California, said, “Our facility has seen double digit appreciation over a last 5 years, due in part to the closure of many rental RV storage facilities, most notable being the El Toro Marine Base RV Storage closure, removing over 2,200 RV storage spaces in 2015. Garages that appear for the resale often sell within several hours due towards high demand and rarity of this concept.”

While owning your own garage condominium may be single solution, there is an inherit problem. Ted Deits said, “Building a garage condominium project in Ca provides three years from the day you purchase the land to completion.” Ted proceeded, “While we are working on additional locations, there is no immediate solution for RV storage in the works for the the next minimal years.”

Dave Gandolfo of Monstore Garages, Palm Springs said, “We do have a garage that is few left in our phase one project currently under construction, but we’ve also expanded to another 35,000 square feet in our phase two to begin construction in early 2020.” Dave continued, “Phase two will take about 10-12 months to complete, so there is some potential relief in sight, although the demand is quite high and these garages will offer fast.”

We reached out to Greg Houge, President of Storage Etc, with 3,000,000 square feet out of self storage under his belt, asking planning a viability of building RV that is additional properties in San Bernardino County. Greg said, “With the cost of land in most Southern California markets, generating additional RV parking spaces just isn’t feasible, and if its, it certainly does not happen quickly. Storage Etc. has over 1,000 legacy RV/Boat parking spaces in Southern California that would certainly not be feasible to build today.”